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Elderly woman enjoying her new smile with implant supported dentures from Treasure Valley Oral & Facial Surgery in Boise, IDA healthy and functional set of teeth is not only necessary to bite and chew food but also an integral part of your facial features and appearance.

If some of your natural teeth are missing, you have several options to replace them, including dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. At Treasure Valley Oral & Facial Surgery, Dr. Cole Anderson guides you regarding the pros and cons of every method to help you choose one for yourself.

What are Implant Supported Dentures?

A dental implant is a titanium screw that replaces a natural tooth root. It is embedded directly into the jawbone, providing a perfectly stable foundation for crowns or dentures.

Unlike traditional dentures, implant supported dentures don’t rest on the gum. Instead, they hook onto the screws using a latching system. This is how they function just like natural teeth and don’t slip while you eat or talk.

What Happens in a Dental Implant Surgery?

Inserting implants is typically completed in two phases.

First, the dentist inserts the implants into your jaw under local anesthesia. After that, your bone requires three to six months to heal and regrow around the implant. The second stage involves fixing crowns into the abutments connected to the implants.

To get dental implants, you must have adequate bone tissue to support their insertion. The dentist may have to perform a bone graft if you don’t have enough bone tissue.

Why Choose Dental Implants over Traditional Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic teeth and gums that replace missing teeth. Traditional dentures are removable and fit into your mouth with the support of your gums.

Since you have to remove them every night, traditional dentures may become loose over time and keep slipping, making your mouth sore. On the other hand, dental implants are a more permanent method of teeth replacement because they fix right into your jaw.

Moreover, dental implants function just like natural tooth roots to stimulate your jawbone and retain your facial structure. Since traditional dentures only replace the missing teeth and not their roots, they can’t prevent bone loss like dental implants.

Although dentures have a lower upfront cost than dental implants, these removable devices are subject to more wear and tear. They need more frequent replacements than implants, increasing their cost over the long term.

Why Choose Dental Implants Over Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is another alternative solution to replace your missing teeth. It involves pontics, which are prosthetic teeth that are supported by teeth on either side of the gap.

To install a dental bridge, your dentist might trim or file your natural teeth on both sides of the gap and cover them with crowns. Comparatively, installing dental implants doesn’t involve altering your natural teeth.

Also, dental implants last much longer than a dental bridge. Dental bridges weaken over time due to pressure and may need to be replaced every five to seven years.

Moreover, dental bridges also strain the adjacent teeth under pressure, gradually damaging them over the years. In contrast, a dental implant can withstand as much pressure as a natural tooth because it is embedded into your jaw.

Although a dental bridge secures adjacent teeth to stop them from shifting, it doesn’t fill the socket of the missing tooth root and leads to bone loss over time. Comparatively, a dental implant screw works just like a natural tooth root, preventing bone loss and retaining your facial structure and shape.

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Choosing between implant supported dentures, dental bridges, and traditional dentures can be quite confusing. Dr. Cole Anderson at Treasure Valley Oral & Facial Surgery evaluates your oral health and suggests the most suitable teeth replacement method according to your dental needs. Contact us at (208) 343-0909 if you have any questions or want to book a consultation.

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Choosing between implant supported dentures, bridges, and traditional dentures can be confusing. Call our team in Boise, ID and we'll answer all your questions.
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