What are Impacted Canines?

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
What are Impacted Canines?Canines are a specific type of teeth that begins to develop between the ages of four and five, but their impact happens around eleven and thirteen years. Impacted canines are also known as eye teeth and result from failure to emerge from the gum due to abnormal growth, crowding of the teeth, and in some cases, developments on the soft tissue part of the gum.

Furthermore, these teeth need to emerge and adequately position themselves to provide good oral health to the individual. In addition, the most impacted teeth are the wisdom teeth and the canines.

Causes of the Impacted Canine

For most people, the related genetic causes are primarily responsible for the impacted canines. There are families with a high degree of dental abnormalities, such as impacted canines. If an individual comes from these families, the probability of having this type of tooth is increased.

Another cause is the development over time factor. According to specialists, the upper canine has a longer development time and is formed in the deep remote area of the teeth; hence has a longer emergence path. Also, it's the last tooth to erupt in the dental formula.

Additionally, impacted canines can result from the failure of resorption of the root of the milk canine, overcrowding, premature root closure, or alterations of the tooth germ. However, this condition occurs mainly in women than in men.

Diagnosis of the Impacted Canines

Diagnosis of these types of canines is made through clinical examinations, dental CT scans, and radiology tests that help find ways and possibilities of performing orthodontic surgical treatments.

In general, impacted canines can bring discomfort to an individual, especially to the smiling and laughing aspect, and may reduce the person's self-esteem; hence dental diagnosis should be made for possible solutions to deal with them.

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