Is maxillofacial surgery painful

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
Is maxillofacial surgery painfulThe goal of maxillofacial procedures is to realign the jaws and teeth to improve their function and look. Jaw surgery is usually done after a person's growth ends, usually around the ages of 14 to 16 for girls and 17 to 21 for males. Because the procedure is done under general anesthesia, no discomfort is involved.

What happens during maxillofacial surgery

There's a common misperception that the maxillofacial surgeon will "break your jaw" during jaw surgery. This myth makes the entire treatment appear incredibly invasive, and it's backed up by countless photographs of people bruised and swollen following maxillofacial surgery. Hence, it's hard to believe that relatively few patients report actual discomfort. In surgery, your surgeon uses minor cuts in the bone, called osteotomies, to reposition the maxilla or jaw. Your nerves and muscles will protest the alterations made during surgery, but you won't feel any pain because you'll be sedated. When the feeling returns to your face, most of the discomfort will have vanished.

Regardless, we must remember that pain is not only a bodily sense but also an emotional one. Varying patients have different pain thresholds, and it's impossible to tell who has a high and a low point. It also depends on the type of surgery you've undergone. Procedures may be open, requiring large incisions, endoscopic, as in keyhole surgeries and minimally invasive procedures.

Either way, any procedure can result in some discomfort. The most frequent adverse effects to be aware of include pain following surgery, swelling around the face, and numbness in your lower face, which usually resolves after surgery. Patients don't feel any discomfort because they're under general anesthesia during the surgery. After the procedure, they are given medicines to help recuperate as quickly as possible. Patients recover with as little discomfort as possible if they follow the recommended recovery stages.

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