Why We Do Our Best to Save Teeth Before Extracting Them

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
Why We Do Our Best to Save Teeth Before Extracting ThemWhen you have a problem with your teeth, getting them treated is always the first priority. However, some conditions are extremely serious and cause permanent damage to your teeth. When such conditions cannot be treated, tooth extractions are always necessary. However, we always do our best to save teeth before extracting them. Here are reasons why we do our best to save teeth before extracting them.

It Is Safer

Having all teeth in your mouth is safer. Furthermore, if your tooth can be saved through treatments like root canal procedures, we will recommend it instead of an extraction. This is because there are fewer chances of getting infections when you undergo a root canal procedure than when getting an extraction. In most cases, infections are spread through the bloodstream. When the infected tooth is extracted, the bacteria in that tooth make it highly likely to reach the bloodstream. This will only worsen the situation. In addition, some teeth can be very hard to extract. As a result, you will have to undergo a complex surgery that is not ideal for oral health. This is why we do our best to save your teeth before opting for extraction.

Keeps Your Smile

Getting a tooth extraction can affect your smile. This is more likely when you get a front tooth removed. Upon the removal of a tooth, other teeth tend to shift to fill the gap created by the missing. As a result, you could have misaligned teeth. Having misaligned teeth can cause other problems like improper chewing of food and speaking challenges. As much as you can get implants, dentures, or veneers to replace the missing tooth, they are not as effective as having natural teeth. This is why extraction is always our last option. Contact our offices for more information on the effects of tooth extraction.

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