What We Can Do to Ease TMD Pain Surgically

Posted on 9/6/2021 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
What We Can Do to Ease TMD Pain SurgicallyThe temporomandibular joints enable you to talk or chew by sliding your jaw up and down. An inflammation of this joint, temporomandibular disorder (TMD) will cause jaw pain, immobility, and stiffness. TMD is treatable with certain medications, but, in severe cases, you might require surgery.

How Do I Know I Need a TMD Surgery?

We will recommend surgery to ease TMD pain if your pain is consistent when you open or close your mouth. If you have jaw immobility, affecting your ability to eat or drink, you are also an ideal candidate. In case your TMD results from a structural problem or disease in your jaw joint, then surgery is also ideal for treating the pain. Finally, if we have treated your TMD using other non-surgical procedures but the pain persists or becomes worse, we will recommend surgery.

Less Invasive Surgical Treatment

Upon diagnosis of TMD, we will start with a less invasive treatment called arthrocentesis, in which we will inject a fluid into your TMJ. This fluid will flush out any byproducts of inflammation and reduce the pressure in your joint. If your pain does not fade after arthrocentesis, we will proceed with arthroscopy, in which we will make an incision on the skin above the TMJ. We will then insert a cannula and arthroscope into the cannula then perform the surgery. Through the arthroscopy, we will also do joint reshaping and remove tissues that may trigger your TMD pain.

Open Joint Surgery

Open surgery comprises making an incision on your joint for operation. It is usually the last and most effective surgical treatment for TMD pain. It is also effective if your TMD pain results from too much tissue or bone growth. Through an open surgery, we will remove these bones and tissues and reposition your disc if dislocated. We may also do a discectomy if your tissue is beyond repair and remove diseased bones on your jaw or skull. Upon successful surgery, recovery will take different duration depending on the procedure and individual, and your TMD pain should fade after the surgery. For more details on TMD surgery, contact our office today.

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