Rinsing with Salt Water Can Help Ease the Pain of an Abscess

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
Rinsing with Salt Water Can Help Ease the Pain of an AbscessAn abscess is a symptom of a tooth infection you might be carrying caused by bacteria. Bacteria find their way to the inside of your tooth through openings mainly caused by cavities, broken or missing teeth, and gum infections. The bacteria then settles inside the tooth, causing further decay. If not treated, pus develops around the tooth as a result of your white blood cells fighting the spreading bacteria. This pus accumulates to form an abscess. This infection is the cause of your nasty toothache. If left untreated, the bacteria then spread to the tooth's roots, causing it to get loose from its supporting structures and dislodging. It then spreads further to cause damage to your jaw and eventually could spread to other organs in your body, such as the heart.

To properly diagnose and treat the condition, you should book an appointment with us. However, as you plan your visit, you can use salty water to ease the pain. Here is how salty water can help ease the pain of an abscess.

How Will Salt Water Help You?

It does so by cleaning your mouth temporarily, clearing out some of the bacteria. Salt has been known to kill bacteria for centuries. People also use it even to treat open wounds due to its sanitary properties. Salt creates an alkaline environment that makes it challenging for bacteria to continue surviving. By killing the bacteria, it provides temporary pain relief around the area of infection. Since saltwater does not irritate your gums or mucus membranes, it remains the best bet when it comes to home remedies. Allergies to salt are also close to non-existent.

Seek Medical Attention

Now that you found a temporary solution in salt, you must consider getting your tooth checked by our professionals. Salt will kill bacteria temporarily but won't repair your damaged tooth or gums. Pain relief should not mean the end of your treatment. Be sure to book your appointment with us today to avoid further dental complications.

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