Who Needs to Consider a Tuberosity Reduction?

Posted on 11/9/2020 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
Who Needs to Consider a Tuberosity Reduction?If you plan to have implants added to improve your smile, you may need to have a tuberosity reduction if you have a bony projection that would make placement difficult in the top jaw. The following information gives you further insight about what to do if you this type of protrusion.

What Is a Tuberosity and Tuberosity Reduction?

A tuberosity, as noted, is a large protrusion of bone on the upper jaw. The bony projection is situated at the very back of the jaw next to the last molar, and is covered with gum tissue. While a tuberosity is not usually considered an issue, it will impact you if you plan to get dentures or implants. For example, you should strongly consider a tuberosity reduction surgery if you are concerned about your new dentures' fit. The protrusion, which hangs down, in the back of the mouth, or from the jaw can prevent your from forming a seal to hold your dentures in place. If you have the bony encumbrance and you want to get removable dentures, you should have the bone reduced. Otherwise, you will have some problems with your dentures' fit that have nothing to do with a reline.

Why a Tuberosity Reduction Necessary for People Who Wish to Get Implants

It is bad enough that a tuberosity affects denture wear. It can also prevent some people from getting implants. If a tuberosity reduction is not scheduled, you will have a hard time, after an implant is placed, to fit your jaws correctly in place. The surgical procedure of a tuberosity reduction takes place under an anesthetic. Therefore, you will not feel any pain if you elect to get the surgery. During the procedure, the excess gum tissue is removed, along with, in some cases, some excess bone. After the procedure, the wound will be stitched and closed. After the surgery, bleeding may occur, although rare.

Do you have a tuberosity that is getting in the way of getting implants or dentures? If so, call our office about a tuberosity reduction. The sooner you learn all about it, the easier it will be to make a decision for the placements of implants or for tuberosity reduction surgery.

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