How Long Does Healing After Soft-Tissue Grafts Really Take?

Posted on 8/24/2020 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
How Long Does Healing After Soft-Tissue Grafts Really Take?A soft -tissue graft is a procedure that involves filling up the gap created in the jaw post tooth extraction. This gap is usually created when there is an infection and the tissue is extracted in order to prevent the infection from spreading further. Post the tooth extraction, the procedure to replace the missing tooth begins. When the soft tissue is extracted, it is necessary for soft tissue grafting since this graft provides the base to help support an implant.

In most cases where there is a tooth extraction involved, a graft may not be necessary. However, when the infection has spread to the soft tissue, the graft comes in place. If you need a soft tissue graft prior to getting a dental implant it is highly recommended that you wait for a week or two before beginning the implant procedure.

Let The Graft Heal Properly

It is no secret that people hate waiting for an implant because, let's face it, surviving without a tooth or a few missing teeth can get daunting. However, not allowing the graft to heal properly would mean risking the chance of an infection setting in again. Since the graft is placed inside the tissue, there will be some amount of inflammation of the gum soon after the grafting procedure. The inflammation could take a couple of days to go down and any dental procedure conducted during this time frame won't hold true once the inflammation goes down completely. It's also less painful to get a dental implant after the graft has healed completely and there is no risk of sensitivity.

If you want to understand more about tooth extraction and see whether or not you have gum infection that requires the removal of soft tissue, you should visit us to learn more about the soft tissue graft and the healing process. You can also check out the various tooth replacement options we have to offer.

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