What Makes an Untreated Dental Abscess So Dangerous?

Posted on 3/10/2019 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
What Makes an Untreated Dental Abscess So Dangerous?There are some people who refuse to visit our office. They can come up with a variety of reasons to avoid seeing us, but the reality is that they are only hurting themselves. Part of maintaining good oral health is visiting us twice a year for a checkup and professional cleaning. We also want people to visit us if they are dealing with pain in their teeth and gums.

For people who try to ignore the pain, the possibility of developing a dental abscess will grow. They may still try to ignore the pain and swelling that comes with an abscess, but the longer they do, the more risks they take.

Risks of an Untreated Abscess

A dental abscess is an infection. The body's immune system is a defense against infections, but it may not always be able to deal with the infection of an abscess. That requires finding the source of the infection and the use of antibiotics. Without these types of treatments a few things can happen.

The infection can continue to cause symptoms that include pain, swelling, redness, pus and bleeding. The infection may seem to subside at times, but it probably does not just go away. It is also possible that the infection will spread to other parts of the teeth and gums causing even more pain.

In the worst-case scenario, the infection from an untreated abscess will spread to other parts of the body. If it gets into the blood stream, it can lead to sepsis, which is an infection of the entire body. Sepsis can cause organs to fail and can lead to death.

Getting treated for an abscess is not always fun. A root canal is something many people fear, but it can resolve the infection surrounding an abscess. With the help of sedation, a root canal is not a painful procedure and a person will feel better shortly after treating the abscess.

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