Cosmetic Surgery Complications in OMS

Posted on 7/24/2023 by Cole Anderson, DMD, MS
Cosmetic Surgery Complications in OMSThe facial cosmetic procedure aims at enhancing the facial appearance by correcting or modifying the hard and soft tissues of the facial region to the desired results. Facial cosmetic surgeries include reducing excess skin, removing excess fats, and remodeling the skeletal structure to define facial features. The procedures aim to enhance appearance by manipulating the facial and surrounding systems.

Common Complications in OMS

After skin lift surgeries, for example, a facelift, a hematoma may occur on the surgical site. A hematoma is a large and sore bruise pocket that contains blood. It is a high-risk complication in surgery that requires additional surgery to extract the blood from the growing pocket. This condition may also require more aesthetic surgery. Seroma is another operation complication characterized by fluid buildup beneath the operated site tissues, resulting in swellings and discomfort. Seromas are usually drained via needles as they are highly susceptible to infection and recurrence.

Bleeding is usually expected after surgery. However, when left unattended, it could result in lowering blood pressure. Severe bleeding could occur during and after surgery internally and is quite risky. Infections are also likely if wounds are not properly cared for post-op. Conditions could also arise internally and require opening up to drain pus or necessitate IV treatment. Surgery could also result in nerve damage characterized by insensitivity or tingling in the surgical site. Numbness post-op is normal and temporary and is damaging and severe when it becomes permanent. Scars can be traumatic, especially after cosmetic surgery. Keloid and hypertrophic scars can be particularly upsetting as cosmetic surgery aims at improving facial aesthetics.

Certain situations could pose a greater risk for complications post-ops, like smoking and drinking, and the presence of other health conditions like HIV or patients with weak immune. This could lead to unsatisfactory appearance results. Anesthesia or sedation may also have allergic reactions in most patients: lung infections, heart disease, stroke, or even death.

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