Complex Dental Problems Requiring the Services of an Idaho Oral Surgery Center

Individuals may find they need idaho oral surgery to correct certain problems with the mouth. Two common procedures involve the removal of impacted canines and cleft lip surgery. When this is the case, patients need to ensure they are fully informed regarding the work to be done and why it is necessary. Following is an overview of these two procedures.

Impacted Canines

Canine teeth are very important in the overall health of the mouth. These teeth have thicker roots than other teeth, thus their connection to the jaw is stronger. They tend to erupt and move into place around the age of 13, but some individuals find their canine teeth are stuck, unable to erupt, or are blocked in some way. Treatment is needed to correct this issue, as the canines serve a number of purposes in the mouth.

They work to close any gaps in the upper teeth and play a major role in a person’s bite. When a person closes their jaw, these are the first teeth to touch, and this guides other teeth in the mouth into their proper position. Furthermore, the canines, play a role in the alignment and function of the other teeth and greatly affect the appearance of the smile.

The canine teeth may become impacted due to overcrowding, which is one reason regular dental checkups are needed. In addition, some people have extra teeth that can prevent the canines from erupting, or there may be an unusual growth in the mouth leading to the canine teeth becoming impacted.

Surgical treatment could be needed to correct the issue. During the procedure, the gum is lifted to expose the canine tooth and a special bracket is attached. An orthodontist then guides the tooth or teeth into the proper place. This often required IV sedation, and pain medication will be needed.

Cleft Lip Surgery

The upper lip may not form properly before birth, leading to problems for the infant. A cleft lip makes it difficult for the child to suck properly and to make certain sounds once he or she begins talking, as it leads to an opening in the upper lid between the nose and mouth. This leads to the appearance of the lip being split and may be mild or severe, and the problem must be corrected to ensure the child can eat and speak properly.

As a cleft lip does interfere with the child’s ability to suck, the procedure is often completed when the child is around ten weeks of age. During the procedure, the surgeon closes the separation between the mouth and nose and restore muscle function. In addition, he or she works to restore the normal shape of the mouth. Any nostril deformities may be corrected at this time, or another procedure may be needed in the future.

When a dentist recommends idaho oral surgery, it is best to seek the services of an oral surgeon. They undergo additional training to handle complex cases. Speak to the dentist to determine who they recommend and why, but don’t hesitate to do your own research. Oral health is of great importance, thus the best care possible is needed at all times.

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